Our Story

King Karmirlian

Master Jeweler and Store Owner

The Early Years

King, the owner and founder of King’s Custom Jewelry, has always had a passion for fine jewelry. He grew up in Beirut, Lebanon with his mother, father, two sisters, and a brother. At the age of 12, King started helping his father in their family jewelry store.

Lebanon to the United States

In 1975 the Lebanese Civil War began and tore the country apart. King and his family left their home a year later, and came to the United States seeking refuge from their war torn country. On 5th Avenue in New York City, King continued to work in the jewelry industry.

California to Utah

Later, King moved to Santa Barbara, California where he opened his first store in the US. In 1983, on a trip to Utah for a wedding, he fell in love with the state and the culture. Soon after, he moved his family here and established his own jewelry store.


The King’s Custom Jewelry store, established in the summer of 1983, resided in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City Utah for 20 years. Then in 2003, it was moved to 7th East and 21st South, where it has been ever since.

Our Team

Karekine "King" Karmirlian


Ahmet Cinbilgel


Custom Designs Per Month
Watches Fixed Per Year
Jewelry Repairs Per Year

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